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Presentation Concepts


A healthy, loving understanding of the animals we share the Earth with is therapeutic in our relationships with the human animals we deal with each day.

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The way you are introduced to an animal can determine acceptance or fear. Lynne makes encounters
 with new creatures FUN.

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Lynne teaches children how to deal with Strangers be it animal or human.


Lynne's goal is to educate the public to APPRECIATE nature and to live in HARMONY with all the Earth's inhabitants.

Lynne strives to teach children to respect nature and to see the beauty and wonder in all animals.

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Safari Parties will stress TOLERANCE, ACCEPTANCE, and RESPONSIBILITY and dispel many harmful myths about animals.

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Safari Parties teaches that you don't have to LIKE any animals (or people), but you should give all living creatures the RESPECT they deserve.

For the more mature audience, Lynne speaks of diversity of cultures,  disappearing wild life, food chain, poaching and the pet trade. Also,  the affects of human population growth and over land development on the native animals.

We are a very controlled show.
Our animals are transported in carrying cases
and remain in their cases until held by Lynne for the show.

Meet Lynne

Lynne & Vanilla Ice

100_0014 lynne w blizzardLynne graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with a degree in Fashion Design. She was a designer in New York City for 7 years.

She married a physician and moved to Pennsylvania. Together Lynne and her husband have two children. Lynne was a single mother when her children were in preschool. Due to her life long love for animals, Lynne used "pet therapy" for comfort and also to help teach her young children very important life lessons. There is so very much more to learn from animals than who THEY are and their behaviors. You can learn who YOU are and why people behave as they do.

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Lynne brought a few unusual pets to her children's preschool for pet day. Due to an overwhelmingly positive response from both the classmates and the teachers ..... pet day evolved into a very successful business.

Safari Parties is owned and operated solely by Lynne Grim since 1986. Animals are acquired from reputable, licensed breeders. Health care is kept up-to-date with the USDA Stamp of Approval and licensed by the PA Game Commission.

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MEDIA Coverage:   "Safari Parties" was featured on Action News during a story on specialty birthday parties; a feature segment on PRIMETIME WPVI-TV, channel 6, which highlighted that the animals are a loving part of our family. The animals were also shown entertaining at a local school. In addition, this outstanding animal appreciation show has been featured on radio, TV, cable, within newspapers, magazines and the Internet

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